Losing Inches But Not Weight

Losing Inches But Not Weight

Losing Inches But Not Weight
Losing Inches But Not Weight

Looking beautiful and decent is a main with of every human being. Every person wants to look younger than age. by the way, it is suitable for everyone to look stunning. Being healthy or too faty is not so good. The medium body is likable.

There are a lot of factors by which you can decrease your body weight. It will be discussed later. People are doing lots of yoga, exercise, dieting, and other things to lose weight. But the effort only brings in inches, that might not be very pleasant. But it is also a blessing that our body is flexible. If inches are lost, then it means weight can also be decreased after a little bit of effort and tips.

What Is Losing Inches But Not Weight

When you are doing muscles routine, eating some body shape medicine. Some o people do exercise for the body postures. You only get perfect muscles or body shape, but your weight remains the same. Because most people prefer to look beautiful, they later understand that losing only belly fat is not losing weight. To decrease the whole boy’s fate, you have to make more progress. Then it would result in a perfect and healthy body.

Let’s Discussing The Reason For Losing Inches But Not Weight

For every solution, you must find the cause of the problem. Half of the issues are solved by knowing about the reasons lest discussing the reason why weight is increased.

  • too much fat eating
  • wrong food schedules
  • sitting for hours
  • problems of sitting and laying postures
  • not doing regular exercise
  • less sleep
  • deficiency of vitamins
  • low self-care
  • depressing
  • or any past disease

Other Inches Loosen Causes

Losing Inches But Not Weight
Losing Inches But Not Weight

Too Much Fat Eating.

People do not consider it serious. They think that they are exercising, then can eat whatever. no! this would not work. Or taking the result, you have to take alarm notice about your eating habits. 

Forgetting About Core Exercise

Suppose you are getting your muscles and body shapes but losing weight. Then it means. It would be best if you changed your exercise type and routine. Do core exercise. The at areas, cover them in work out like thy. Make a regular workout list for thy training. 

Take Fibers

Taking recipes from the internet of dieting may sound reasonable. It’s good to take more fibers for daily routine. You will get only muscles. For core muscles, you must take low fiber or other protine things. 

The Stomach Problems

If you are getting daily flush out. So it is a problem. The stomach should be empty before any meal. 

Doing The Same

Minor, little time, and doing the same workout are the main reason for not getting weight loss in pounds. Doing the one-site exercise only results in inches lost. 

What To Do About Losing inches Not Weight

Losing Inches But Not Weight
Losing Inches But Not Weight

Here are some o the easy steps to lose whole body fat

Clear Thought

First, you must clarify that efforts do not come by the day after night. You have to lose weight, for which you must do regular exercise, dieting, yoga, and many other things. Just think that it is your daily routine, and you are making progress.

Stop Looking At The Watch.

When you make a clear decision, start your daily workout. And do not look the time again. Just make proper schedules, that in one hour you will do this, before or after life workout you will do that. The main thing is that do not measure your weight every day or every week. Leave the weight monitor and do your work.

Keep It Up

Continue your exercise routine. Your daily training classes. If you are taking yoga lessons, it would be great to increase the practice time. When you try to keep it going, of course, it will be good. Increase your daily efforts. Do different training on different body parts. Leave the muscles or shape thoughts.

You can install an application regarding daily training tracking. Do accordingly. By which you can customize the exercise types and time. This means if you want to lose belly fat first, do as the app gives instructions.

Take High Protein

The morning protein shake is the best medicine to start the day. Remaining healthy is a goal in life. Try to consume high protein resources. Because calories are causing to make fat in our body. So when we do exercise,

many calories burn. The body needs protein to boost the immune system, so maintaining low-carb dieting with protein is essential. So that’s how you will progress toward weight loss.

Make Sure To Decrease The Calories.

Found in every bite and sip of our life. So you have to burn your calories in 100s, not just numbers.

If you get 500 calories in a meal, you have to turn out at least 450 calories from your body. So for this purpose, you have to work out accordingly. So low your calories at a dangerous level.

Do More Exercise

If you are doing the same exercise daily, then leave it. Try different methods and ways to work out. Take train sessions. Watch videos. Just weight lifting is not an exercise. Make sure to do multi-moving. Like, thy arms, belly, neck fat, back pain therapy, leg exercise, and many more.

So just sitting and making muscle is not enough.

To Eat Clean

Losing Inches But Not Weight
Losing Inches But Not Weight

Eating clean means eating healthy. Cut out all the damaging health food from your daily list. Do not consume many oily things. Avoid drinking sodas. Less use of sugar is a good idea. Make your food oil-free, sugar-free, and fat-free. You can take fruits and raw vegetables as salads to keep the natural taste.

But do not forget that vitamin shortage is not good. Take food that contains vitamins, minerals, and some low carbs. Add you to the daily life of drinking a lot of water. It will be suitable for your immune system.

Do Not Frustrated

As it is mentioned already, results demand time and effort. So do to exaggerate for a long time or daily routine.

Do patience and continue your daily workout. So for this makes a final l thought. Take it is an activity and fun.

Make schedules for routine life and exercise. Include friends and family.

Stress Out

For losing weight pounds, a stress-free mind plays an important role. Stress and depression cause weight gain in days. You are unaware of it until you get a heavy breath. Let’s live tension free. Do not overthink or overreact. Take a good amount of sleep. Try to take a nap during the daytime.

Do Work Out

The most effective and use the able method of losing weight. So work out the maximum for 45 minutes.

With the passing day, you will automatically increase the time. Include walking in your daily routine. It is healthy for the body and mentally. by doing daily treadmill, mind energy boosts. And it helps to leave the stress out.


Losing inches but not weight is a common question. People mostly complain about losing weight in inches, not in pounds or kilos. There are mentioned different steps and methods for losing weight by doing the above steps. You will get results surprisingly. Daily work, eating healthy and fat-free food, and having a stress-free mind are processes of losing weight. Just try to follow all the instructions and get a healthy and fat-free life. 






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