Cable Machine Weight Increments

Cable Machine Weight Increments

Cable Machine Weight Increments
Cable Machine Weight Increments

Cable machines are an effective way to do workouts. Pulling forces are used to work on core muscles. You can make a strong shoulder and works on your abs by exercising on the cable machine. The weight increments are a bonus for working out with cable machines. You can increase or decrease the lbs for desired weight. Always start from less to more.

The increments play a vital role in making muscles strong. In short, weight increments are all about cable machines. Pulling one or two stacks will work on the shoulders and deltoids. Similarly, the back-and-forth direction work on the upper body areas. Here some more details will be mentioned about cable machine weight increments.

Weight Increments

Cable Machine Weight Increments
Cable Machine Weight Increments

These are weights that are adjusted in the cable machines. Medium size and heavy flat brick-type plates are fixed behind the cable machine. Mostly five to seven increments align with the cable machine. The user sets the required weight increments and does exercises on the cable machine. As the training and workout days increased, the increments also increased by the users.

Even at intensive training time, the weight increments usually more than usual. At the same time, a cable machine is a versatile piece of equipment at the gym. It complies with fitness tools like weight increments, cables, and sitting seats. Routine work can target every core muscle on the cable machine.

Do Cable Machine Use Pounds Or Kilogram For Weight Increments

Cable machines are training resistance equipment. That work on your most of the significant body parts. A stack of metal plates provides resistance. You select the amount of pulling weight and place those plates number on the cable side. Those weight plates are either labeled pounds or kilograms. That is why it depends on the gym used machine’s manufacture. That is which type of cable machine they are using. At the same time, weight increments or plates in the cable machines used pounds mainly.

Types Of Increments

Cable Machine Weight Increments
Cable Machine Weight Increments

Cable machines have two types of weight increments. Similarly, the apparatus also differ in the function of working out.

  • Stack Em High
  • Round Em Up

Stack ‘Em’ High

Most of the cable machines used weight palettes in rectangular shapes. These stacks have holes in them and slide with the ropes. As you pull the cables, the increments rise with the pull force. There are more than six stack plates aligned with the cable machine. Generally, each container has a ten-pound weight. As you increased the weight, the weight plates increased in pounds.

Round ‘Em’ Up

When the cable machine does not have stacks for weight, the weight plates are aligned with the circulated slides. Those are adjusted on the slide rods of the cable machine. Moreover, an Olympic cable machine is used to weigh pounds and kilograms. The enormous plate has 45 pounds weight. And 20-kilogram increments. Similarly, other weight plates are carried, such as 15,10 and 5 pounds.

Cable Machine Weight Increments

There is a variety of cable machines with weight increments. Consider the most suitable one for your daily workout. Here are presented the top cable machines with weight increments.

Powerline Dual Stack Functional

Cable Machine Weight Increments
Cable Machine Weight Increments

This machine is best for a home gym. Because it has all-round weight increments. A reputed fitness company makes the compact and durable machine. It depended on the selected cable machine. It has customized increments and all round functions. The vast distance between cables makes it more attractive. This machine also comes with a straight pull-up bar. Which creates dual sports as the columns are wide enough. This cable machine has two 160-weight stack lbs. But it can be upgraded by 210 weight lbs. This machine is reliable. Even it only takes up a little space. So, it is the best cable machine with weight increment.

Rep Fitness Athena

A weight-resistance cable machine best for Olympic activities. At the same time, it can be used for intensive training. It also comes with necessary attachments. You can select the right weight to od work out on it. Rep fitness comes with freedom of movement. So, you can do the pull-ups in every direction. It also comes with multiple grip hand bars. The pull-ups bar is available with various hands. The users can pull-ups from different angles.

Powerline Cross-Over Cable Machine

It is plate loaded vast pullover cable machine. This machine provides a separate cross-over workout. These machines allow you to do famous training like Chest and deltoid. That narrow machines cannot afford to perform that exercise. But this machine comes with fewer weight stacks. Which means you have to add weight increments on your own.

Advantages Of Cable Machine Weight Increments

  • Mindful workout
  • Authentic result
  • Free movements
  • The stacks create balance in the workout
  • Easily adjusted at home gym
  • Take less space
  • Affordable in prices
  • It does not take time to assemble
  • Weight stacks are independent on both sites
  • Sturdy frame gives support in pullover
  • Provides the most robust pins for your weight disc


Cable Machine Weight Increments are great for a core workout. All you need is to select the right one. The most fantastic thing about those cable machines, you can fix them in your home gym. Because the prices are standard and the devices are easy to assemble. The extra weight increments allow you to exercise intensively at home.













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