6 best curved treadmills for long runs, walking and sprints

6 best curved treadmills for long runs, walking and sprints

What is a curved treadmill?

A curved treadmill is a cutting-edge fitness machine designed to offer a dynamic and challenging cardio workout experience. Unlike traditional flat treadmills, which have a flat running surface powered by a motor, curved treadmills feature a non-motorized design with a curved belt. This curved surface encourages users to propel themselves forward using their own leg muscles, effectively mimicking the sensation of running or walking uphill.

One of the primary benefits of a curved treadmill is its ability to engage more muscles compared to flat treadmills. Since users are responsible for driving the belt themselves, they activate additional stabilizing muscles in the legs, core, and glutes, leading to a more comprehensive and efficient workout.

Moreover, curved treadmills offer variability in intensity and pace, allowing users to control their speed and resistance simply by adjusting their position on the curved surface. This versatility makes curved treadmills suitable for users of all fitness levels, from beginners to elite athletes seeking to enhance their performance.

Furthermore, curved treadmills are often praised for their low-impact nature, as the curved surface reduces stress on joints and minimizes the risk of injury compared to running on hard pavement or traditional treadmills.

Generally, a curved treadmill presents a unique and effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness, build strength, and enhance overall health and wellness.

6 best curved treadmills for long runs, walking and sprints, benefits

Hence, there are several well-known benefits to using a curved treadmill, and here highlighted top six.

  • Increase calorie burn

Campbell underscores the necessity of elevating heart rate for calorie burn across all machines. She highlights a study indicating that curved treadmill runners burn more calories than those on traditional models, attributing this to the slight incline of the curve and user-controlled pace. This emphasizes the efficiency and effectiveness of curved treadmills in calorie expenditure.

  • Build stamina

While, running on a curved treadmill does contribute to increased stamina, Campbell emphasizes that running in any form whether a leisurely jog, high-intensity interval training, indoors, outdoors, or on flat treadmills enhances aerobic fitness effectively due to its high-impact nature. The unique design of curved treadmills, with its constant belt movement and slight incline, adds an extra challenge, intensifying the workout experience and further boosting overall aerobic endurance.

6 best curved treadmills for long runs, walking and sprints
6 best curved treadmills for long runs, walking and sprints
  • Activate more leg muscles

Have you ever noticed, how walking uphill feels more challenging than walking on a flat surface? According to Campbell, curved treadmills amplify this effect by requiring greater activation of the glutes, hamstrings, and calves. With their unique design mimicking a gentle incline, curved treadmills offer a distinctive workout experience that targets specific muscle groups and boosts overall effectiveness.

  • Save Energy

Save on energy costs with curved treadmills! Unlike traditional treadmills that can be power intensive, curved treadmills are entirely powered by your legs. This means you can enjoy your workout without worrying about adding to your electricity bill, making curved treadmills not only environmentally friendly but also budget-friendly.

  • 6 best curved treadmills for long runs, walking and sprints, No need to adjust your speed

    It’s often frustrating during interval sprints on a treadmill when you need to adjust the speed with unsteady hands to slow down. However, curved treadmills offer a solution: being self-powered, they naturally slow down when you do. This eliminates the need for manual speed adjustments, ensuring a smoother and more seamless workout experience during interval training sessions.

  • Improves running step

Here’s an intriguing revelation: backed by peer-reviewed studies, curved treadmills can positively influence your running form. Campbell sheds light on this, emphasizing how the incline encourages a natural forefoot strike, reducing strain on the knees and joints associated with heel striking. Adopting a mid-forefoot strike also fosters better posture, ensuring a more efficient and comfortable running experience.


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